Monday, August 15, 2011

Chow fun/pad see ew/seafood meeh kathang

This dish was always my favorite growing up in Tacoma. There used to be this restaurant, down the street from me on Portland Ave. called Monorom. They served this delicious little seafood delight that I would order every week. I literally, spent any money that I ever had, eating there! I know that a lot of people would argue with me and say that the dish itself was just OKAY, and you're probably right, but maybe because the way I would completely DRENCH it in two different types of hot sauces, is what made it soooo finger lickin' good!!
Anywho, here is my version of this dish and I hope you guys enjoy it just as much I do. I'm sorry I don't have an exact ingredient listing, but maybe later on, I will try to put one together. In the meantime, just watch the dang video.

Happy watching...and happy eating.

-Love Sav

You will need:

shrimp balls
fresh calamari
chinese broccoli(or broccoli)
green onion
bean sprouts(This is optional. I didn't have any at the time but add these when you are frying up the noodles at the end, if using)
extra virgin olive oil
white pepper
oyster sauce
fish sauce

For the marinade for the fresh noodles, you will need:

oyster sauce
fish sauce
dark sweet soy sauce
chinese rice wine
chili flakes
sesame oil

*Watch the video to see how I prepare this dish at home!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)


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