Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fruit filled sponge cake

For the cake:

8 eggs separated plus 2 more egg whites(8 egg yolks plus 10 egg whites total)
*separate eggs when they are cold and then bring them to room temp.*
1 cup plus 2 T. of cake flour
1 cup of caster sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
1 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
3/4 tsp of cream of tartar
2 T of orange juice(no pulp and not from concentrate) plus 3/4 T. of water(basically,this mixture should equal 1/4 of a cup)
1/2 cup of vegetable oil(no substitutions)
2 UNGREASED aluminum layer cake pans OR 1 UNGREASED(2 piece) aluminum tube pan

For the whipped cream frosting and filling

*The following is not the same recipe as you've seen in the video. I've decided to omit the gelatin since so many people had problems with it.

3 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream
1 T. plus 2 tsp of vanilla extract
2/3 to 1 1/4 cup of powdered sugar(you control how sweet)
So I've been making this cake A LOT lately and would like to share with you guys that I've finally discovered what that whipped cream frosting was that the bakeries use--it's called PASTRY PRIDE!! This is what I use now to fill and frost my cakes with!!

It's non dairy and ready to whip!! No need to add any additional flavorings, like vanilla extract or powdered sugar. There's also another one called "Frosting Pride" which is slightly thicker and sweeter but if you're looking for the "frosting" that tastes like whipped cream, than the Pastry Pride in the red box is the way to go. You can purchase these items at a Smart and Final store, Cash and Carry, and Costco sells them online although I'm unsure if they sell it in store. So, if you can find and purchase the Pastry Pride or Frosting Pride...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO!

For the simple syrup:

1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water

*If you are baking this spongecake in an angel food cake tube pan, follow the same directions as stated in my video, except place batter in your tube pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

First, separate your egg yolks from egg whites while they are cold and bring them to room temp. I know there's some debate on whether or not it's safe to leave them out overnight, but I do anyways. :) Do the same with the orange juice.

Into your chilled mixing bowl, add in your  heavy whipping cream. I have a shield that I can attach to my mixture so that it won't splash all over the place, but if your bowl isn't large enough or you don't have a shield, whip up in 2 separate batches. Just before your whipping cream starts to thicken, add in your vanilla extract and powdered sugar. I don't like it too sweet so you can adjust accordingly to your taste. Once done, put in fridge until ready to use.

Pour 1 cup of sugar into food processor and let it run for 30 seconds to create a fine granulated sugar. Set aside.

Take your cake flour and salt and sift over a large piece of parchment paper. Then, lift the parchment paper and pour it back into a sieve fitted over a large mixing bowl and sift again. Continue process 3 more times! Set aside.

Mix your oil/water/vanilla extract and orange juice together in a small bowl or measuring cup. This mixture should come up to just under 1 cup! Set aside.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Beat your egg yolks with the caster sugar until it's pale yellow. Thick ribbon like streaks should be falling off of the beater back into your bowl. Set aside.

Beat your egg whites until foamy. Add in your cream of tartar. Continue beating until soft peaks. Switch to a balloon wire whisk and whisk by hand until stiff peaks.

Take your reserved oil mixture, give it a little stir, and then add it into your EGG YOLKS MIXTURE. Once mixed in, whisk in your flour mixture, a little at a time. Once thats fully incorporated, take a clean wire whisk and CAREFULLY fold in a little bit of your beaten egg whites and continue this with the rest of the egg whites. Work quickly and use as little strokes as possible. It's okay if you see tiny streaks of white. Don't waste too much time on that.

Pour into UNGREASED layer cake pans and bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Once done, remove and invert cakes upside down to cool down on 2 racks fitted over two colanders.

In a small saucepan over medium high heat, boil 1/2 of water with 1/2 of sugar until it reduces to about half. It will start to thicken up slightly and it will change color. Pour mixture into a bowl over an ice bath and stir until thickened like syrup. The longer you leave it on there, the thicker it will get. Once to your liking, remove from ice bath and set in fridge until ready to use.

Chop up some fruit and divide them equally amongst 3 bowls and add in your reserved whipping cream into each bowl. Remember to leave a good amount for frosting the tops and sides of your cake!!

Once your cakes have cooled, take a serrated knife and cut into each one. Take your fruit filling and begin to assemble your cakes, one layer at a time. Frost the tops and sides and decorate with fresh fruit/berries of your choice. Drizzle tops with the simple syrup. Place in fridge until ready to indulge! Happy Eating!!


I would highly recommend that you try the spongecake on it's own first before you attempt this cake. I actually prefer to eat this cake plain, with absolutely no other toppings, whatsoever! I like more cake then whipped cream, so if you wish, you may up the amt. of heavy whipping cream(just remember to adjust the amt. of powdered sugar/vanilla too). Remember, you have to use an ALUMINUM pan/angel food cake tube pan for this recipe. This spongecake contains no baking powder, so the batter needs something to cling on to while it's baking to help give it more height. If you use a non stick pan, your spongecake will not rise as much while baking. Once baking has complete, run a knife around the sides of pan, and also in the center of the pan to remove your cake.

Please watch my tutorial to learn how I make this very popular cake that is sold at most Asian bakeries!!

BEFORE you attempt this cake, I recommend that you watch my video about what kind of pan to use and how to get a good crumb coat.:)


  1. hey i was wondering...do you notes about like how long ur cream last in the fridge and outside?cuz im planning to make this cake for an occasion,but i kinda worry bout the cream haha...

    1. Hi there! If your talking about homemade whipped cream frosting, I would eat it within the hour...but if you're talking about Pastry Pride, then you can leave it out for hours and it won't melt.

    2. when you say cake flour will all purpose flour work?

    3. Hi Elizabeth. You need to use cake flour to achieve the proper crumb. You can try making your own cake flour using all purpose. Just google it and you can find a recipe! :)

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  2. Hai, I am about to try your recipe..but may i know how many grams of gelatin did you use for the cream? tq so much!

    1. It's 7 grams of gelatin. Using the gelatin in this recipe has proven quite tricky for some people. You may also omit the gelatin altogether and just use a good homemade whipped cream recipe. I have a good recipe on my blog..just look for peaches and cream mousse parfaits! :)

  3. the gelatin mixture (not only gagged me with the smell) didnt work out so well... good thing i had coolwhip! and I didnt spend much time like suggested on mixing the egg white mixture and the egg yolk mixture and the result was the heavier mixture (yellow) fell to the bottom of one of my cake pans and I had to peel that whole layer off... Im not sure the cake will be as good because of that part of the mixture missing from the rest.... all that work, i still am going to try it. cant waste it! i hope my 3 layer cake works. i will mix better next time. its still a beautiful cake! I really need to work on this... I thought it would be semi easy.... NOPE! you make it look easy. thanks for the video! BIG help!

    1. Sorry to hear that! The mixing part is very important when making this cake! You have to also make sure that you're not over whipping or under whipping your egg whites too! So many things can go wrong with this cake...lol. I'm glad that you haven't given up on this one yet! Once you perfect it, it will be so well worth it! :)

  4. Hi, how many people would this cake serve?

    You used 10 eggs! that seems to be for a lot of people!

    Just wondering. Please help, my boyfriend's birthday is soon and I have never baked a cake before, so practically screwed yeah.

  5. Hello, I'm one of those who love the Chinese birthday cake so I searched internet and came across your site, I was so happy and planned to make it for my birthday. I did it and it came out absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  6. Tried it and love it :) thanks a lot

  7. Tried your recipe a few times now..love it. Thanks. If I wan to make the sponge chocolate how can I make the adjustments ?

    1. Hi there. I haven't tried a chocolate version of this cake yet but I would imagine a little bit of cocoa powder should do the trick. Maybe sift in 1/3 cup of cocoa powder with your dried ingredients?? I will work on a chocolate version this summer! :)

  8. Hi Sav! Thanks so much for this recipe. I tried it out tonight for my hubs who's been nagging me to make a "fluffy Chinese cake." It came out beautifully!! The only thing I did different was use "baker's sugar" instead of making my own, I'm lazy like that

    1. Hi Nancy! I'm so glad it worked for you! And it's okay...I've bought baker's sugar before too! Haha.

  9. Hai Sav!I tried the whipped cream frosting recipe but failed.After i whiped the gelatin and whip cream,the gelatin did not mix well with the cream.It turned out to be not so smooth mixture.why is that so?

    1. Hi Mira! Probably because the gelatin set a bit. I need to revisit the whipped cream recipe since people seem to have some problems with it. I remember it being quite tricky to work with the gelatin. Since discovering Pastry Pride, I haven't even tried to go back to that recipe! My advise for you if you can't find pastry pride, is to just use a regular whipped cream recipe. I have a good one on my site...just look for "peaches and cream mousse" and just use the whipped cream recipe provided. Hope that helps!

  10. hi sav! i have made this cake before it turned out wonderful. but this time i make it i want to write words on the cake like the asain stores do it with the red gel color icing. i wonder if you know how to make it or where to get it at?

    1. You can purchase some pre-made icing colors from the grocery stores in the baking aisle but those will begin to bleed, soon after you've used it and the consistency is not as stiff. I recommend you make your own royal icing instead. I have a recipe on my blog. Just look up "Christmas cookies" and I have a recipe there. Just add some red gel food coloring and you're good to go!

  11. first of all many many thnx for your wonderful recipe.i have osme question about the cream.the sugar u put in the whipping cream is regular sugar or icing sugar?and what is the part of gelatin in the whipping cream,i mean what it does?thnx again.

    1. For the whipped cream frosting, it's icing sugar. The gelatin stabilizes the whipped cream and makes it thick enough for frosting and filling the cake. Although, some people have had problems with it as it is quite tricky to use. I recommend omitting the gelatin altogether and just using a good whipped cream frosting recipe. I have one on my site, just look up "peaches and cream mousse" and use the whipped cream recipe that I used there.

    2. Here's the link to my whipped cream recipe http://eatnowcrylater.blogspot.com/2012/02/peaches-and-cream-mousse-parfaits.html

  12. Hi! I'm planning on making this cake for my father's birthday on Friday. I wanted to ask something about the pans and baking. What if I only have 1 cake pan? Should I divide the ingredients by half and make the batter one after the other? 'm scared the egg whites will start to liquefy if I leave it for too long. Or do you recommend just buying another cake pan to save the hassle?
    Also, in the recipe, you mentioned no non-stick pans and that the cake will not rise if I use it. What if I added baking powder to the batter? And how much baking powder will I need to add? Please respond ASAP. Thanks!
    The cake looks delicious by the way! I can't wait to make it, will share results :)

  13. Hi! You are right about the eggs starting to liquefy. You can also use the remaining batter to make cupcakes instead. Just add them into ungreased cupcake liners 3/4 way full and bake for about 15 minutes, or until toothpick inserted comes out clean. Then, invert them upside down on a wire rack and allow for them to cool completely before turning right side up. OR, you can just buy another cake pan. Lol.

    I've tried adding baking powder before, and the texture of the overall cake wasn't to my liking. And it tasted funny. Maybe use a good baking powder with no metallic aftertaste will do the trick though. If you would like to try that, then maybe try adding 2 tsp of baking powder and see how that goes.

    1. Hi! I just finished making the cake! The sponge cake was a bit crumbly and deflated a little, but it still looks amazing! I layered the sponge cakes with whipped cream and diced fruits, then did a crumb coat. After that I frosted the top and the sides (not as pretty as yours of course haha), added oranges, kiwis, strawberries, pineapples and bananas to the top! I wish I had blueberries or grapes though. The cool colors with the warm would've made the cake really pop! Anyways, I want to thank you for sharing this recipe with me! Definitely will make again :)

    2. Practice makes perfect with this cake, so keep trying! You won't be disappointed!

  14. hi Sav,many many thnx for recipe.i have tried it. and its turned out so good from the first try.i have followed ur measurments exactly.i have a question.the measurments for the flour,tarter,water and vanilla does it have to be exact?i mean 1 cup and 2tb sp.3/4 tsp of cream of tarter.pls do reply.thnk u so much again.

    1. one more question Sav,is it 1 1/2 tsp vanilla + 2 T orange juice + 3/4 T water = 1/4 cup mixture or only orange juice+water = 1/4 cup mixture i m confused .i m so sorry.wating for ur reply.thnx so much.take care.

    2. I think it's safer to be exact. But it's the vanilla, orange juice, and water that should equal just under 1/4 cup. That's confusing and I'm going to take that part out. Haha.

  15. Hi thanks for your recipe
    May I ask what is the size of your baking pan. Thanks.

  16. Hi, thanks for posting. Can I line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper if I don't have one with a removable bottom? Thanks.

    1. Sorry Jessica for the late response. Parchment paper won't work. When you flip you cakes upside down to cool down, your cake will just slip right out and flatten. Lol. You can just use a regular aluminum cake pan or anything that isn't non stick.

  17. In your measurement you mention like 2 T and 1 T. What does the T stand for?

  18. Hi! This cake looks amazing! I want to make it and I have 2 aluminum cake pans but they don't have removable bottoms. My initial thought was parchment paper like the previous comment. But yes, they would fall out when cooling upside down. When you said just use a regular aluminum cake pan does that mean totally ungreased? I am afraid when I release the sides the bottom will stick and I will never get my cake unharmed out of the pan! Eek.

    Is there anyway to make this cake without those specific pans? Do they need to cool upside down? I'm guessing otherwise they will deflate and fall down..

    1. Yes, you would need them totally ungreased. You can try adding some baking powder if you are using greased pans, but I cannot vouch for the texture of the cake after that. And yes, they will deflate if you do not flip them upside down. Hope that helps.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Mmm ! It's absolutely delicious & definitely foolproof ! Thanks for sharing Sav !

  21. What kind of cake flour & sugar caster do you use? Can you show me the cover of those two item.

  22. I made your cake and it turned out awesome. Thanks!

  23. Hey Sav! I have been wondering about the recipe. In the video when you were making the whipping cream you used glucose, but in the recipe it doesnt say it. Soo should I follow with the video or recipe?

  24. Hi,
    Made this cake for my mother's birthday and she loved it!!!! Thank you so much for this great recipe. I will continue to use it. Love it
    M =) <3

  25. Could you please post the link of the pans that you have? Thank you ! :)

  26. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I made this for my son's Birthday, it turned out wonderful! The cake was delicious, and it turned out nice and soft even though it didn't have baking powder in it!. I used Pastry Pride, and it balanced the sweetness perfectly. This recipe is surely to be kept forever! ;)

  27. I made the cake using the fat daddio's 8" removable bottom pans that you recommended in the video. But it rises ALOT in the oven (make a dome nearly twice the height of the pan)... then deflates ALOT, but the sides stick so it ends looking like a huge crater... as in to half the height of the pan in the center.

    Also because the bottom is removable, it drops down when I invert the cake to cool, and the weight of it probably contributes to the cake shrinkage. Don't you have the same problem with yours?

    Do you have any suggestions on what I can do differently? Will a 9" pan help? How do you invert the pan when the cake rises above the edge? The cake tastes amazing after I cut away all the ugly edges, but not great for presentation and I end up with a lot thinner usable cake. Thanks in advance!

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