Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Deep Fried Mac n' Cheese Balls


You guys are in luck, because these deep fried mac n' cheese balls are fat free AND low in cholesterol!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but these are definitely something that I would only recommend making once every couple of months, haha. They are crunchy, gooey, creamy, and oh-so cheesy!


refrigerated (preferably overnight or 3-4 hours minimum) leftover mac n cheese (recipe here)

4-6 ounces of panko bread crumbs (lightly seasoned, optional)

1-2 egg(s) lightly beaten

vegetable oil


wax paper


Place a piece of wax paper on a baking sheet. Remove your refrigerated/cold, mac n' cheese out of the fridge, and shape into tiny balls. Put your shaped balls on your baking sheet. Place your panko into a gallon sized, ziplock baggie. Toss your mac n' cheese balls in your egg mixture, and then add them into your ziplock with the panko. Seal, and thoroughly, toss to coat. Heat up your vegetable oil. Once your thermometer reads 350, go ahead and drop your balls in and fry until golden brown, turning them frequently for even browning. Drain on paper towels and serve immediately!


  1. Best recipe ever!!!!

  2. I'm planning to make these this weekend and using your mac n' cheese recipe. In your video you said to use less milk if I'm making the mac n' cheese balls the day of. About how much do you recommend to use? And also how long should I refrigerate the mac and cheese?


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