Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Green Tea Cupcakes and Heart Shaped Cookies....YUMMERS!

My, oh, my, have I been in a baking frenzy! My friends and I are hosting a bridal shower in 2 weeks so I've been in the kitchen quite a bit testing out my recipes. This is my first time taking on both green tea powder and these cute mini heart shaped cookies with royal icing. I'm a perfectionist in the kitchen, so granted that anything branded with my name on it has to be 100% pure AWESOMENESS. I think that it's very important when presenting food, that you first appeal to the eyes( meaning presentation) and then obviously, smell, and taste. I'm probably going to get crap from my friend Linda for posting some of these pics since it's supposed to be all G-14 classified, need to know basis information, but I just couldn't help myself!


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