Monday, February 28, 2011

My Weekend Recap

Sooo, this past weekend was a success! Everyone showed up, had a great time, and ate good food. Apparently, I thought that I could do all the cooking by myself and still have time to get ready all within 2 hrs...boy was I wrong!! I always thought that if I wanted to host a party that I should be able to do it all by myself and without the help of others. Now using hindsight, it obviously wasn't the smartest choice. It's my fault though, because although tons of people offered to help me out, I declined their offer. So, having almost suffered my first major MELT DOWN in the kitchen, I made a note to myself to always remember: IT IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS WHEN ASKING FOR HELP!!! Everyone needs help right?? Where would Batman be w/o Robin? Or Cheech w/o Chong? Or J-lo w/o her booty? Cause let's face it...even super moms could use some extra help, from her super dee duper sidekicks. :)


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