Monday, March 21, 2011

Chocolate mousse pie w/ whipped topping

So on Saturday, I went to a friends house for a bbq and decided to make a chocolate mousse pie w/ strawberries and tiny chocolate shavings. Number one rule for mousse...YOU MUST ALLOW MOUSSE TO SET BEFORE SERVING. Lol. I made it and served it within 4 hrs when I would def recommend a least 8 hrs to overnight even. I had to make mousse cause I only had about a couple of tablespoons of sugar left in my pantry, and mousse was the only dessert I could think of that didn't require tons of sugar in it. Mousse's get most of their sugar from the melted chocolate using the double broiler method. I also used a store bought graham cracker crust cause I was crunched on time. I would highly advise against this because the texture is so crumbly, and you need more of a firmer crust to keep the mousse nicely intact(more for presentation reasons cause when you slice into the pie, you want to see the layers). Anyways, it was still delicious even though I totally rushed it and what's crazy, is by looking at the pie, it looked like I spent some extra time on it when really it took practically no time at all!

Here's a picture of the chocolate mousse I made...

Woopsy, this isn't the right type of chocolate mousse it it??

Ahh, here we are...:)


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