Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better Late Than Never

So, I've been meaning to post up some pics from the bridal shower my friends and I just did this past weekend. It was mostly a success except for the fact that 1)I completely ruined my beautiful lilac and soft pink colored frosting because I had left it out by the sink and splashed TONS of water into the bowls while I was washing dishes! They didn't even get the chance to make love to my lemon/vanilla cupcakes that I had ready and cooled down. And 2) I made these beautiful heart shaped cookies(the ones I posted in a previous post) and stupid me...I FORGET THEM AT HOME!!! I was not having a good day! My kids were super bad that day and it was VERY difficult for me to get things done! Anyways, my double chocolate mousse parfaits made it, along with my cream puffs, and mini apple pie muffins! So, all was not lost and everyone had a great time!

Beautifully done by my bff Linda!! And yes, those are hand etched personalized wine glasses for all of the guests!

My infamous cream puffs and mini apple pie muffins

My double chocolate mousse parfaits w/raspberry sauce

I think next weekend I'll post up some pics of cupcakes w/ flower fondants on them. That's what I was going to do with the cupcakes I had planned for the bridal shower. I still get really bummed out thinking about how I didn't get a chance to showcase them. :( But since I have all this fondant and tools for it, I might as well make good use of them, right??
Till next time...

Oh I also forgot to mention that I made these cute mini green tea cupcakes that well...didn't make it through all those potholes in the street during transportation. DAMN, YOU WHITECENTER POTHOLES! Here's a picture of what they ended up looking like. If you look closely, I think maybe 1 or 2 actually survived, but the rest are definitely done for. Please, lets have a moment of silence for the cupcakes that never got to see past the styrofoam box...


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